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TBridge Renewable energy Fund

T Bridge Venture Partners emphasis on adding value to the renewable energy sector, is due to us seeing the enormous potential in this sector especially in regions where renewable energy take-up has been slow but the number of potential users and ways it can be implemented are exponential.


In partnership with Brightstar Solar Global the Renewable Energy Arm of Zenith Guild Enterprises Nigeria Ltd, TBridge is dedicating a fund to invest in early stage renewable energy projects with specific focus on Electricity Infrastructure through renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa across Four major operational systems and other Solar Energy Systems:

 Large Utility Scale Solar Farms

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1)    Large Utility Scale Solar Farms

These focuses on supplying Mega Watts electricity directly to the National Grid of the country.



This is good for Communities and Local Government areas especially in the inter-land where access to the National Grid is non- existence or for those communities that are poorly served by the National Grid. This system is also good for built Housing Estates, many of which are presently springing up all around the Continent of Africa.


Solar Street Lights Installation

Solar Street Lights Installation

With many rural areas outside the services of the National Grid in many Africa countries and with the present ongoing agenda of Federal Government of countries like Nigeria to provide electricity to its rural areas, installation of Solar Street Light has become a significant aspect of providing electricity to rural areas. Please read more about the objectives of Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) here

Commercial Solar Energy Systems


Provide electricity to both Mega and Mini Industrial and Commercial Set Ups like; Big Industries & Manufacturers, Micro Industries, Universities and Higher Institutions, Industrial Parks, Hospitals etc. There is a substantial pipeline for this.



This is a photovoltaic system that has its electricity-generating solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building or structure


Finance for other systems like Solar Charging Ports, Building Integrated PV Systems etc will all be considered


BrightStar Solar Global is on a mission to help with electricity generation in sub-Saharan Africa (Starting from Nigeria) through the use of renewable energy sources particularly Solar and in time Biomass. Through the use of the systems mentioned above and a favourable regional government stance towards addressing the large energy deficit, our mission is to provide sustainable energy platforms that are both commercially and productivity orientated. Currently Brightstar Solar Global is on 30 MW Grid tied project in Nigeria that will supply electricity to the National Grid in Nigeria. Brightstar Solar Global have recently signed an MOU with a major first tier banking institution to help with its Roof-Top Installation for Home Owners. It will be working with the present World Bank Initiative to power the Rural Communities in Africa. It will also be looking into various Commercial rollout plans along many industries and innovative housing solar solution along Zenith Guild Enterprises Property Arm – Guild Property Investors across Nigeria and across the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.



Brightstar Solar Global 2022 Vision is a start-up of 1000MW of operational plants across these platforms, across sub-Saharan Africa. Please Click Here to see a snapshot brochure on the various Energy Systems and the Financing Options BrightStar Solar Global has for each of them.

T Bridge Renewable Energy Fund is dedicated to reinforcing and bolstering Brightstar Solar Global Objectives and initiatives through attracting Private Equity Funds seeking to realise Returns on its Investments from this attractive, huge and ever-growing Infrastructural sector and development across the region of Africa.

Another of our objectives in T Bridge will be to attract Climate Funds and channel these into BrightStar Solar Global objectives and vision especially because the latter has set up a sound educational programs to educate and instruct the recipients in how to make use of the Sun in their environment for positive purposes through its NGO set up Star Solar Outreach.